Although limited in size, El Molino Online staff has decades providing translations in a number of areas. We can quickly and professionally translate from English into Spanish. Spanish into English. French into English. French into Spanish.

We specialize on:

  • Political communications. In the US, many candidates, political parties at the national or local levels want to reach their Hispanic constituents in their language of choice. Often times, they use Google Translate and the results are pretty poor: From typos, to ackward sentences, the meaningless gibberish. To the point that the political media is starting to write about it. We can do it. And, what’s more since we are also web builders we can give you the HTML, or even put it in the site for you.
  • Advertising communications. Our background is in the ad world. We’re experts in Direct Marketing. Web and digital communications, not to say video, radio, podcasts and printed materials.

We’re as quick as you need us to be. And will work within your budget.

Email  carlos or call him at: 917-670-8956.