671px-Museo_Nazionale_Napoli_Gabinetto_Segreto_MercuryAnnouncing the First Carlos Danger Multimedia Contest, sponsored by El Molino OnlineEnglish, Spanish and blingual entries accepted. Write it. Rap it. YouTube it. Vine it. Tweet it. Draw it. But Enter before 12 Midnight November 5. Winners Elected by the People’s Vote.

To honor the antihero who shook up the stagnant mayoral election in the Big Apple, the editors of El Molino Online proudly announce the First Carlos Danger Multimedia Contest.

Everyone is invited to enter this one-of-a-kind event, where participants will share their reaction to Carlos Danger in one (or as many as they wish) of the following categories: Politicians. Thirst for power. Corruption. Exhibicionism. Lust. Erotica. Technological faux pas. Lies. Redemption. Forgiveness.

Entries will be accepted in Spanish, English, or bilingual.

Entries can be written, videotaped, painted, drawn, photographed, texted, tweeted or any other media the author chooses.

Entries will be posted in El Molino Online where viewers will vote.

Entries will all carry the byline Carlos Danger, until the winners are announced.

Awards will be distributed on November 6 at a live event.

El Molino Online is a Spanish-language digital magazine published in New York City, covering current events, arts and culture and lifestyle. Says Carlos Danger, El Molino Online editor-in-chief, “Great creativity often comes from chaotic situations and we are confident newyorkers will turn out amazing stuff. We are hoping our readers judge contributions on use of the specific medium, the creativity of the content, and the unique insights on Carlos Danger as a contemporary cultural icon”.

Send submissions to danger@elmolinoonline.com

To request more information, please write: carlos@elmolinoonline.com